Eave’s “Just the Facts” is a weekly series designed to cut through the noise about home loan interest rates for borrowers and real estate professionals. Predictions of interest rate movements tend to be inaccurate, because the events that impact them are complex and unpredictable. Eave doesn’t try to play the role of forecaster, who claims to have some special insight. Few do! Instead, our Chief Credit Officer covers what happened in the market last week.

In each “Just the Facts,” you get:

  • 2-3 key insights on how economic events affected mortgage interest rates
  • Our updated, competitive Jumbo mortgage rates

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The week ending May 18th brought more data on the healthy state of the economy. That didn’t change the majority view on economic health and likely didn’t change the Fed’s view on their planned rate hikes. So, market interest rate benchmarks didn’t move much.

However, Eave reversed course on last week’s rate increase and brought our rates down by 1/8th and 1/4th of a point.    


Because we want to get ahead of the curve relative to where mortgage lenders will likely move to, once they see three more months of economic data.  

Our Updated Jumbo Rates *
5/1 ARM – 4.125% Interest Rate, 4.751% APR
7/1 ARM – 4.25% Interest Rate, 4.71% APR
30yr FRM – 4.625% Interest Rate, 4.698% APR

(Interests rates as of May 22nd, 2018.)

Last week brought data on housing starts (number of new constructions that began in the period). This week brings data on Existing Home Sales and New Home Sales. These three form the most important signals about the state of the housing /real estate sector. We are collecting and analyzing that information this week. We will share our detailed thoughts with you next week.

Until then, enjoy Eave’s lower rates!

* This estimate is informational only. It is not a commitment to lend. To apply for a loan, you’ll need to complete an application and provide additional information. Final approval of your loan is based on verification of your meeting the necessary underwriting criteria and property approval. The estimates for fees and other charges are not intended to be accurate until you have chosen a property and settlement service providers. Rates are estimates. Your final rate, loan product, and terms may be different. Normal credit qualifications and other terms and conditions apply. Products, rates and terms are subject to change unless product has been selected and rate has been locked after you have chosen a property.