We’re excited to announce that Eave is now officially lending in California!

We have a game-changing mission: We make ethical mortgages easy. We offer a modern mortgage experience through simple, transparent financing for luxury buyers. Our clients win their homes faster, while saving time and money.

Eave debuted in Colorado. Thanks to our revolutionary lending process, our customers there have been over the moon with their mortgage experiences. We’re thrilled to bring ethical mortgages to California.

Why California?

Here at Eave, we’re truly passionate about helping buyers succeed in competitive markets. That’s one of the reasons we’re taking on California: we know that many real estate markets in the Golden State are extremely competitive, not to mention challenging to navigate. We also recognize the high number of entrepreneurs and those with atypical income (e.g., equity ownership, RSUs, trusts, draws, variable compensation, etc.) which can often lead to challenges in securing a mortgage. We believe that finances aren’t one-size-fits-all, and lending shouldn’t be either. With our exceptional buyer programs, cutting edge technology and concierge service 7-days per week, luxury home buyers have a leg up over the competition.

What Makes Eave Different:

We couldn’t stand the hassle and uncertainty of the home-buying process, so we decided to reinvent it. With Eave’s revolutionary system, you can:

  • Apply in as little as 30 minutes.
  • We fully underwrite our clients in one business day, and bypasses the pre-qual process altogether. This enables our clients to make the strongest possible offers.
  • Make a cash-like offer*
  • Enjoy competitive rates
  • Guarantee your earnest money up to $100k**
  • Secure a mortgage, even with complex finances
  • Avoid mounds of paperwork and delays

Visit our website to learn more about how Eave can get you into the home of your dreams, particularly in California’s competitive markets.


*Terms & Conditions Apply. You can view them in full, here.
**Terms & Conditions Apply. You can view them in full, here.