We recently surveyed 2,000 Americans on their feelings around home ownership and getting a mortgage and the verdict’s in: Americans feel that buying and financing a home is increasingly painful.

We founded Eave to remove this pain. And, we’ve done exactly that. So, you can imagine our excitement to officially announce that we’ve expanded our mortgage offerings to include homes valued between $32,000 and $20 million. We’ve worked hard to bring the Eave mortgage product to all creditworthy homebuyers.

We Built a System That Serves Homebuyers

When we launched Eave, we focused on serving clients who were buying homes valued at or above $600,000 in two of the country’s most competitive real estate markets: Colorado and California. Of course, this meant our first clients had more wealth than the average American. But, we chose to focus on them initially, so that we could test our technology and figure out the best way to handle complex finances.

We’ve now cracked that nut, and are well positioned to bring our state-of-the art technology (and all the benefits that come with it!) to all creditworthy homebuyers in Colorado and California.

What Makes Eave Mortgages Different

There’s not just one thing that sets Eave apart — it’s the whole package.

The traditional mortgage process isn’t cutting it. It’s antiquated and there are many broken parts to contend with. If you’ve bought a home, or know someone who has, you’re likely familiar with mortgage horror stories.

While other lenders have focused on fixing one or two aspects of what’s broken, Eave is the only lender that has overhauled the entire process from A to Z. The result? A dramatically improved mortgage experience for all creditworthy homebuyers that is transparent, cost effective, in your best interest, and enables you to close quickly. With Eave, you make offers that win — even when competing against all-cash buyers. You’ll be hard pressed to find a lender that offers everything we do.

With an Eave mortgage, you can:

With Eave, we help support our clients in making offers sellers love and are more likely to accept. And our results speak for themselves: 90% of our clients have won the first home they made an offer on.  

With our balance of smarter technology and a super talented team, we are improving home financing for the better. And everything we do starts with our clients.

We’re so proud of what we’ve built, and can’t wait to share it with you. We think it’s time to put certainty, confidence, and joy back into home buying. Don’t you?

With Eave’s ability to do a full financial underwrite of a homebuyer within 24-hours, contingency removal support, and low rates, you can make a cash-like offer and beat your competition.